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We are a dedicated team committed to providing affordable services profitable for the benefit of our clients, employees and the country at large

Professional HandyMan

The strength of this company lies in its personnel who have gained the skills through professional training and work over the years.


24/7 Services

It is our goal to provide personalized and quality service and therefore it is our policy to maintain a client base which we can give this personalized service.

Affordable Price

We believe that a very large number of clientele tend to dilute the service quality as a result of poor supervision and we thus save your money.


  1. Professional Cleaning Services

In this section of our Company we undertake both long term and casual contracts for the sole purpose or providing our clients with best possible quality service in commercial and domestic premises. We also undertake site clearance contracts.

  1. Environmental Management

In this field of Environmental management, we undertake collection and disposal of solid waste according to the policy on private sector involvement of handling such waste as outlined by the city council and United Nations Environmental program.

  1. Pest Control

We incorporate the most proven methods of pest control that are both effective and safe to none target animals in the environment. This is achieved by having a thorough knowledge of pests, behavior and biology, the consequences of pests infestation, the toxicological and pharmacological characteristics of the pesticides thereby not only controlling the pests but also providing sound advice to clients on how to deter pest establishment.

  1. Manpower Policy and Experience

Our team consists of well educated personnel who practice prudent management skills that are necessary to see to it that all kinds of assignments are taken care of professionally with the maximum efficiency. We use the most modern techniques in planning and executing of tasks to enhance speed and accuracy. Our technical staffs have the necessary training and experience and are well motivated, we also have the capacity to undertake assignment of any magnitude and commence the works within reasonable short time from the time of commissioning. Our corporate objective “to help personnel develop skills” has made us undertake and encourage the policy of self efficiency that they can work with minimum supervision. All our staff will be vetted and issued with a Certificate of Good Conduct.

Why Choose Us?

We are committed to being a company that is known externally for quality, integrity, resourcefulness and internally for profitability, employee satisfaction and becoming a leading partner in infrastructure provision in Africa.

Sender Services Company Ltd is a turnkey construction and project management company which was founded in September 2004 under the Companies Act (Cap 486) Laws of Kenya, is an offshoot of Sender Supplies which was registered in 1995 pursuant to and in accordance with the provisions of Registration of Business Names Act. We enclose documentary evidence in support of the above information.

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